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my wonky aluminium stars

So McGoverne and I spent a lovely day together on March 1st celebrating our 10th anniversary, but sadly my handmade aluminium present was not the highlight!

I bought a selection of canned soft drinks (Barrs of course), a new knife and a box of plasters. Several hours later, with a lot of swearing and a little blood, I managed to make a wee mobile of tinkling, slightly wonky stars. Working with aluminium is much harder than I thought it would be – on the one hand it’s easy to cut, but it has very sharp edges and seems to split easily when scored or folded. And if you’re a numpty like me it’s near impossible to draw an even 5-pointed star from scratch. If you’re going to attempt a DIY project like this I’d suggest starting with a good template and allow yourself several practice runs to get used to working with the metal. Oh and rinse your cans out properly first – sticky cherryade fingers don’t help!

Did you know March 1st is also St David’s Day? Whilst on the hunt for star-shapes I found this little handmade wooden necklace by DyfalDonc – two artists based in North Wales with a shop on Etsy. My post-celebration hangover was all the excuse I needed to treat myself. Seren means star in Welsh – so simple and so cute. Maybe I should’ve just bought this for McGoverne and saved myself the pain!


'Seren' necklace handmade by DyfalDonc


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